Gerrit shares some of his thoughts about the responses to several talks during General Conference. He compares the responses of General Conference to the responses to “The Vision”. We read a letter from Joseph Smith discussing the response to “The Vision”.

We also had a very kind anonymous donor offer to pay for the Standard of Truth Tour for six people. We are calling it the Dirk Moss Scholarship. The gift is for the Palmyra/Kirtland tour and people would still be responsible for booking their airfare and paying for about half of their meals. The transportation, hotels, tickets to sites and roughly half of the food costs would be covered. If you know someone that would be interested, please nominate them and share their story with us at our email

We had a couple of cancelations and have a couple spots available on the Palmyra/Kirtland tour and 2 spots available on the Missouri/Nauvoo tour.

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