Like every sitcom in the 1980s, this episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience. We cannot even begin to thank all the amazing people who attended the event. People came from all over the country and we cannot properly articulate how much fun we had. Many listeners to the show brought friends and significant others who do not listen and have never listened. These people brought to the show against their will are the true heroes among us just behind the military, teachers, emergency responders, Officer R, and the men and women working at Jersey Mike’s.

In this episode, we answered litner questions from the Phebe Draper Mail Bag. We start with a question from Dan (who did not want to be there) about the Small Plates of Nephi. We then answered questions about the name Gerrit would give to his rock band, the meaning of the symbols on the pulpits in the Kirtland Temple, the Three Nephites, and the teachings from the stolen 116 pages. We end the episode with a question about the Church’s unpaid ministry.


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