In this episode, we discuss an obscure anti-Mormon argument that confronted a missionary in the field. The story is about Arnold Potter a former member of the Church that became a self-declared Messiah and referred to himself as Potter Christ. At the end of the episode, Gerrit brings this crazy story back to current issues that we face from modern-day apostate arguments.

Rick Duke’s Top 5 Favorite Potters

1. Beatrix Potter (wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit)

2. Lily Potter (Harry’s mom)

3. Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

4. James Potter (Harry’s dad)

5. Fleamont Potter (really the Abraham of the Potter family)

OLI* – Vernon Dursley (Harry Potter’s uncle, not the most loving but he provided Harry Potter with food and shelter)

OLI* – David Potter (Arnold Potter’s dad)

* outside looking in


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